• Central Florida
  • De Leon Springs – Pancakes In Paradise

    When you think about Florida’s beautiful springs, what springs to mind (no pun intended) is perhaps swimming, kayaking, relaxing and just generally having a great time outdoors. Right? You wouldn’t necessarily think about a spring as a food destination. Well, think again. Occasionally, the springs have interesting concessionaires. De Leon Springs State Park in Volusia […]

  • Florida History
  • Marco Island’s Dome Houses and Tigertail Beach – A Kayak Adventure

    Unfortunately, so many well-made plans are hampered by uncooperative weather! Although last week’s attempt to kayak the more than 10 mile round-trip to the Dome Houses on Cape Romano was abandoned, I still decided to research their story. After all, the trip is only postponed! Most people, including many Floridians, have not heard of the Dome Houses which makes […]